Asset Gateway 2


Remote Industries's Asset Gateway 2 is a data acquisition and cellular telemetry device. It provides remote recording and monitoring of up to 22 sensor inputs.

The AG2 features fifteen analog inputs usable with any industrial current loop sensor, including sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, vacuum, weight, flow, pH, and liquid level. It also has serial expansion capabilities suitable for data collection from PLCs, smart sensors, and I/O expansion modules.

In addition, seven digital inputs are available for recording discrete events, such as solenoid valve positions or alarm circuits.

Two relay outputs are included. Each can be independently controlled from our website or from an algorithm. They are commonly used for valve control or local alarm signaling.

Telemetry as a Service

In the past, the hardest part of any telemetry system was configuring and maintaining a central data server. With the AG2, your sensor data is automatically sent and stored securely in the cloud. This greatly simplifies setup, increases reliability, and lowers cost.

The AG2 securely sends all sensor data to the cloud every 60 seconds. From there, automated alarms can easily be dispatched via SMS text message, email, or automated phone call.

SD Card Logging

In addition to cellular telemetry, the AG2 also acts as an SD card logger. Each unit includes a 16GB SDHC card which will record a local snapshot of every sensor every second. Assuming all 22 inputs are used, the memory card won't fill up for over 10 years.


  • OEM Integration
  • Gas Supply Monitoring
  • Gas Mixer Monitoring