Remote Industries provides innovative telemetry products and services for industrial process monitoring.

How it works

How Remote Industries telemetry system works
  1. Sensors feed data about your system directly to the Asset Gateway 2.
  1. Every sixty seconds, this data is securely transferred to the cloud via an internal cellular modem.
  1. This information is immediately displayed in clear, detailed charts accessible on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. The cloud monitors your sensors and dispatches alarms automatically.

Products & Services

Asset Gateway 2

The Asset Gateway 2 is a high reliability data logger with built-in cellular telemetry.

  • 22 inputs (15 analog, 7 digital) and 2 relay outputs
  • logs local data every second, updates server every minute
  • simple, web-based configuration and monitoring
  • secure telemetry over CDMA or GSM cellular networks
  • perfect for one off and OEM applications
  • designed and built in the USA
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Capacitive Level Sensor

Our capacitive liquid level sensor can be used to monitor most cryogenic gases.

  • installed from the dewar's top, unlike differential pressure sensors
  • built in cellular telemetry
  • internal or external antenna options
  • supports up to 6 external analog sensors (e.g. pressure, flow)
  • does not require expensive ports through vacuum jacketing
  • suitable for most cryogenic gases
  • no configuration, just install and go
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Managed Telemetry

Our secure, web-based telemetry system is easy to use. Anywhere.

  • monitor your system from smartphones, tablets, and PCs
  • no software to install or maintain
  • clear, interactive graphs updated every minute
  • unlimited alarms sent via SMS text message, phone call, or email
  • secure, redundant servers back up your data, even during a power outage
  • hourly offsite backups at no additional cost
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Why Remote Industries?

Real Time Updates

We process information in real time, so you'll always know the current status of your system.


Our telemetry features end-to-end encryption. Your data is secure from the moment it leaves your sensors, all the way to your web browser.


We've partnered with the leaders in cellular M2M technology. Using both CDMA and GSM technologies, we can provide reliable cellular telemetry, even in remote areas, inside the USA or overseas.

Easy Setup

Setup is a snap. The only thing to do in the field is wiring. You can configure everything else online from any computer. Simply enter the sensor name, unit of measure, and range; then you're all set. To get you started immediately, we also offer pre-configuration to OEM applications.


Our managed telemetry provides unique options for data sharing and collaboration. End customers, suppliers, and machine builders can all share data and set their own alarms.


We do extensive stress testing and burn-in on each shipped unit to ensure your system is reliable. All of our servers are located in secure data centers in the USA and frequently backed up.

Unlimited Alarms

If there's a problem, you'll want to know about it immediately. That's why we've made it easy to set up alarms tailored to your needs. We don't set any limits on the number of alarms or conditions you'd like, and we can notify as many people as you need via SMS text messaging, e-mail, and even automated voice calls.

Purpose Built

This isn't another rebranded PLC or SCADA system. All of our products are purpose built, designed in-house at Remote Industries LLC. Our electrical schematics, PCBs, assembly, housing, firmware, and software are fully integrated for unparalleled reliability in industrial environments.

Clear, Interactive Charts

There's no reason to be limited by static graphs. We make your data easy to read and manipulate using any amount of historical data. Need to see a specific time? Just drag to drill down and get minute-by-minute data from any time frame. You can also view multiple sources of information together on the same chart, making it easier to identify patterns and troubleshoot issues.